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We Provide a wide range of additional personal lines insurance products including.

  • Gap Insurance
  • Legal Expenses Insurance
  • Personal Accident
  • Home Emergency
  • Income Protection
  • Pet Insurance
  • Gadget Insurance
  • Motor Excess Insurance
  • Chip & Dent
  • Tyre & Alloy
  • Household Excess
  • Travel Excess

Our Objectives


Reduction of a Risk or Loss

Peace of Mind

Financial Protection

Our Services


With our experienced underwriting team, we are able to provide underwriting assistance to many types of personalised insurance. We operate under delegated authority from a number of insurers who we have worked with for many years. Trent are able to underwrite business in the United Kingdom and throughout the European Union.

We have gained a good reputation for producing innovative solutions to problems encountered in the niche personalised markets.

We welcome enquires and are able to give an informed response.

For more information on our administration services please call 01285 626020 or email us at


Supported by one of the leading providers in this field, Trent-Services EziApps is an online insurance application process which has been geared to meet the ever growing demands of the insurance market.

The system is hosted on the cloud and protected by an SSL certificate giving buyers peace of mind, it also includes Postcode and BACS checking routines as a standard part of the data capture process. The EziApps screens can be personalised to match your business identity and requirements.

EziApps provides a cost effective administration route for a number of our clients supporting the following product types: Creditor, Mobile-Phone Insurance, Motor GAP etc.

The Platform is extremely flexible in its ability to add additional insurance products which can normally be delivered within 4 - 6 weeks.

For more information on our administration services please call 01285 626020 or email us at

Policy Fulfilment / Administration

Our Experienced Administration Department offer a range of services to our clients which can be tailored to fit their requirements. Our Support / Administration Department is the first point of contact for all customers and therefore all staff are trained to offer the highest level of customer service whatever their enquiry.

The Department deal with all aspects of policy fulfilment, whether the documentation is electronic or paper generated and continue to look after your customer dealing with amendments, mid-term adjustments, reviews and renewals.

Our dedicated team also act as your Customer Services contact point and will always follow up enquires to ensure they have been resolved. Our caring approach aims to treat your customers how we would like to be treated and we believe in treating customer fairly and equally.

For more information on our administration services please call 01285 626020 or email us at

Performance Reporting

The success of many insurance schemes is very dependent on accurate and timely reporting being ref back to Insurers and Scheme Producers. Trent-Services has suite of Scheme Management Reports that can be provided to enable their clients to have a up-to-date view of the profitability of the various products.

No two schemes are the same and Trent-Services are able to work with clients to develop bespoke reports to match their requirements. We also have a suite of standard on-line reports which can be made available through our EziApps Reports service.

For more information on our administration services please call 01285 626020 or email us at

Claims Management

Our Claims Department has pooled a wealth of experience from the Insurance Marketplace and between them have an average of over 10 years' experience handling claims. We understand that all clients have different needs and therefore offer a flexible approach, offering our clients a package tailored to suit their requirements. We are also able to 'brand' our services for those clients who wish to protect and promote their brand name.

We handle all claims with tact and sensitivity and within the guidelines set out by the FCA and other industry regulatory bodies. We have stringent standards and ensure that all our staff are trained to the highest level to ensure that all claimants are treated fairly and that ourĀ approach is consistent.

Our claims assessors pride themselves on being easily accessible to claimants and happy to deal with them on a personal basis. Above all they understand the need to process claims without delay and distress and ensure that valid claims are paid promptly and without fuss.

For more information on our administration services please call 01285 626020 or email us at

Premium Processing and Disbursement

Direct Debit is used by millions of people across the country, and is a fast and reliable way of paying regular bills. All our monthly-paid policies are collected by Direct Debit, ensuring that the customer never misses a payment. We aim to be flexible in our approach to premium collections, giving the policyholder their choice of collection date between the 1st and 28th of each month.

Annually paid policies can be paid by either Direct Debit or Credit Card / Debit Card. The policyholder can make this choice when filling in their on-line application.

All premiums we receive are reported and paid to Insurers/Producers/Brokers etc. on a calendar monthly basis. We target to have all reports completed by the 15th of the following month.

We have a suite of standard reports that we can utilise, these cover all aspects of the premiums we receive. Our online EziApps Reporter allows Insurers/Producers/Brokers access to data within our system, this can be programmed to create bespoke reports should the need arise.

For more information on our administration services please call 01285 626020 or email us at

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